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Born September 29,1959 in Oakland California, Tam Tambor Sugayan  an American - Filipino - Portuguese Professional Musician.


Tam Sugayan is the Son of percussionist Joseph Sugayan who began to teach and nuture Tam's insatiable appetite for percussion and the love of music at the age of five.


At the age of twelve, Tam began his musical journey as a member of a band in the San Fransisco bay Area called GRITO who's members also included; Sheila Escovedo - (Sheila E), Joe Cano, Dale Viiiacecio  - (Tierra). & Coke Escovedo was there Manager at the time who booked them with late greats like Vince Geraldi, Cal Tjader & Mongo Santamaria...,   


From the early 70's, 80's & 90's, when ever Tam wasn't performing or providing percussion and conga drum support & instuction, Tam found himself working  in the music industy where ever there was a calling; be it in the studio tracking  or doing voice overs, laying tracks for local bands for thier DEMOs or recording records,  shooting videos,  stage and movie production, writing and arranging percussion,  creating samples, programming drum machines or just percussion loops for DJ's,  Tam would still find time for community drumming in renowed places like University of California's  Sproul Plaza, San Fransisco's, Delores  &  Aquatic Parks where as ayoung man he would hone he craft in these legendary community drum circles.





After graduating from Oakland High School (1977)  Tam began his career as a painter and then took a break  from his music endeavors to persue a career as an entrepreneur. 

Longing for his love of music, he later returned back onto the music scene in 1989.

The music community embraced his return as if he had never stepped out of the spot light.

His returned onto the music seen began by supporting local bands and performing at local venues and festivals as a guest artist with Pete & Juan Escovedo, Bobby Wmack, Joe Cano, Richard Bean & SAPO, Cold Blood, Tierra, Dwayne Wggins , Tamallii , Willie K and various other groups and artist performing all types of geners to include; R & B, Pop, Latin Rock, Latin Jazz, Salsa, Tex-Mex, Mexican Rock, Rap, Top-40, Folk, African & Various Latin Drumming, Country, Contempory and Polynesian.





1997 - CD  Bungee Jumpimg Cows.   ROCK CANDY (ASCAP) Children Educational CD  (re-released 2008)

2003 - CD  Joe Cano   CHEMISTRY

2003 - DVD Mystique  NOCHE DE AZTLAN  Live in Concert   (WWW Simulcast)

2009 - NFL  Raiders vs. Chargers pre game show Mystique  Oakland Colosium

2010 - DVD Mambo Trpical (released 2012)

2010 - DVD EL Patron - Mystique Movie Scene 

2012 - CD Third Sol


2013 - Davina Joy  LA CANTANTE

2014 - DVD  Video Sheila E FIESTA featuring B. Slade

2015 - CD Third Sol (CD Release May 9, 2015)

2016 - CD  Joe Cano  JOE CANO





Married with four wonderful children, Tam has never been happier and more content with his personal life and musical career as this balance has been his motivator which has provided the opportunity to be a performing  member of the following :


Richard Bean & SAPO ("of SUAVECITO FAME")  -  Latin Rock

Willie K - Hawaiian, Blues, Rock, Latin, Classical 


EN~VIVO  Latin, Latin Rock, Latin Jazz, Latin Soul


Mystique  -  Latin , Tex Mex, Mexican, R & B, Top 40


Ray McCoy & The Luther Vandross Tribute Band

Joe Cano - Latin, jazz, rock, salsa, Smooth Jazz, flamenco 


Le Ala Polynesia - Professional Polynesian Dance Company


Breath Life & Spirit - Music Ministry


Third Sol - Original Music - Latin-Funk-Soul

STRATIFY -  Smooth Jazz~Funk

LA Project - Top 40

IMUA -  Hawaiian/Island  & Contemporary 





Tycoon Percussion -

Rhythm Tech -

Get'm Get'm -

Soultone Cymbals -









In The Beginning

Taking a Break

In Between Now & Then

Who's Tam Currently Working with... 


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